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Immigrants from Liege, Belgium circa 1869

I have done little with this site for a number of years;
I Clendon Detrixhe, challenge fellow family members; and ask for your help.
(I was hoping another family member or two would step up to the plate and assist.)
Are you out there?

This web site exists for family history, and to share experiences.
The name Detrixhe refers to what would appear to come from 'de trixhe',
'trixhe' not being found in any French dictionary, but coming from the Walloon
language and meaning 'waste ground' or 'common land' or 'land belonging to
the local Commune (or rural council)'. So, a name which might be given to
a family living on or alongside common land.

I thank you JoAnn Kempton, for what I needed to get started. You are a blessing to me.
I would also like to recognize Roy Hoskin, and Amanda Vignery for their efforts and direction as well.
Without them, we would not have been able to obtain nearly the wealth of information that we have.

Most of all, I wish to thank all of our family members who have contributed what they have;
including photos, personal contributions, and everything that has been done for our family.
This is for you..(and me)..

I've come to know many Detrixhe family members, and I know our ancestors
came to this country to find opportunity and new hope for a better future
for themselves, their children, grandchildren, and extended family.
We are blessed because of their efforts.

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