Those who are not afraid of some physical effort can take a walk up the 406 steps of the MONTAGNE DE BUEREN: the reward will be a fantastic panoramic view over the city of Liège. According to legend, the 600 Franchimontese soldiers climbed up the hill in 1468 to take the camp of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. They were lead by the Liège patriot Bueren, who wanted to encourage his fellow citizens to take up arms against Charles the Bold who had taken the city. The whole plan failed , the 600 Franchimontese were killed and the city was plundered for 7 weeks. As a matter of fact, the adventure took place on another hill of the city. The montagne de Bueren staircase was actually only built in 1880 to allow the soldiers of the garrison on top of the hill to go down to the center without having to pass through the dangerous little alleys.

If you're still fit enough after having reached the top of the staircase, you can go a little bit higher to the terraced park from where the best panoramic photographs of Liège can be taken.

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