Dear Family,

 I decided it’s time I write a little about how this web site came to be, so I thought I would begin with my story. I suppose I was always curious about our family history, and what life was like for our ancestors and other relatives I didn’t know. As a little kid I used to run around asking family, friends, neighbors about the old Bishop community and Detrixhe family history. It was my hope to publish a family history in some form, and have found the web to be an excellent vehicle for this end. I would like to thank all of you who have helped provide time & material, and those of you who plan to contribute in the future. Thanks to Mark Detrixhe who has helped since the beginning of this site.

 I started gathering material in the late 80’s which included copies of old census records, a Liege phone book Detrixhe section ( thank you Jo Ann Kempton), and old photographs ( I ran around with my computer & scanner). I decided to have a little fun and made a series of phone calls to Detrixhe’s listed in the Liege, Belgium phone directory. Most could not speak English, but did find a few. Most people freaked out, and either could not, or would not speak to me. I did manage to talk with Paul Detrixhe (who was taught English by a WWII captain), and Hubert & Anna Marie. Check out the letter they sent me in response to my first phone call.

 Some folks have asked “What difference does it make? Don’t bother me with this, there are more important things to worry about, like making a living for instance!” I certainly understand that struggle, as we all are challenged by life’s trouble filled trail. One of the things that has helped my travels through life is family. I think it’s great we all are getting together once a year, as it has been a long time coming. Some used to be so competitive with each other, it was difficult to come together as a group. What would have happened if we all would have been on the same ship paddling in the same direction?

 I will do my best to keep things on a positive note, because not all of the things about us are good, and sometimes we can really be a pain. Some folks probably wish they weren’t related to each other, while others seem to tolerate it a little better! All in all I’d say it’s good to be a Detrixhe and I really wouldn’t want to be anyone else. After all, I’ve got a lot of time invested in learning and teaching everyone how to spell & pronounce our name! (The jury is still out on the pronunciation…. I noticed they didn’t all agree in Belgium either! )

I have no great riches to share, but one thing I can do is attempt to discover & share our history with those who will want to know in the future. I ask all of you to feel free to contribute whatever, whenever possible, as I am certain I don't know everything and could use the input!

Sincere Thanks & Best Wishes to All,

Cw, Dia, & Jovah