This year it is not possible to be at the reunion of the Detrixhe-family, but maybe next year we will be present. Distance is not always the problem, but we have planned a vacation to France that time. Three weeks ago I visited Cuba. I was in Holguin and did visit the local cemetery to search for the tomb of Tressa G. Detrixhe, who died in Holguin at 2 june 1911. I spoke to Jesus Picañes. He is the administrator of the old cemetery of Holguin. He told me that they only have the records from 1920 till now. The other records are lost. The human rests from before 1920 are accommodate in the wall around the cemetery. From some the names are known and engraved in the wall. I did not found the name of Tressa. I did make a picture of the wall, I send it with this mail. I am curious about the things you found about our common point of origin.


Frank Detrixhe
The Netherlands

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