In Special Memory of Edward Carl Detrixhe

 Our shared love of camping and the days and years in the harvest field. We worked together to fix the junk wagon and then seemed to always have forgotten the thing we needed at the first breakdown.. How did he always know the gear you were plowing in as soon as he drove into the field ?? - All my Love, Nancy.
 Our endless hours setting and talking about life and my future, and all the hours together in the harvest field fixing stuff(junk). - Vanessa Barbee
 When we were young & Dad & Grandma moved to town & ran the tourist cafe, I cooked for the boys and didn't know anything. Bought a little bit of shrimp & divided them up in their plates. He always teased me about that. -- Nita
 The hours Daddy & I ran the tractors in the daytime while Louie Fiel and the others ran out at night. We also had treasured times in the hayfield, Dad mowing and me raking (side delivery) on the meadow. Then baling hay; I drove the tractor to pull the baler and Dad rode on the sled stacking the bales. I sent him snakes, hornets, and numerous other critters. We also had some very memorable "sale days" at Woodward Auction. He was always telling me to be careful who I waved at, I might buy a bargain.! I miss you Dad and send you all my love. -- Judy
 I always think of Uncle Eddie as having somewhat of a temper when things didn't go quite as he planned ! He got angry at Judy & I one time when we stayed out all night for a Friday & came back in at sunrise on Saturday. He of course thought we were out and up to no good, but we were riding with Arba Word who had been hauling cattle from Woodward for Eddie. I wonder if he ever figured out why we were out all night ? So Uncle Eddie we had your best interests in mind (ha ha) - Lana
 Eddie an I could always talk - Ben
 The tractor broke down one year - Eddie calmly got the log chain from the pickup, gave the tractor a "tune up", got back in the tractor & it ran the rest of the time. I don't remember just how far I ran.  Ha! -
Vickie Shawcross
 Eddie bought some "slaves" to work out on the farm for a day. Some of us learned what work really was.
- Clendon
 I  remember the great fish fries at Eddies. They were great fun for us kids. Looking back I bet it was very hot work for the adults. Actually, those were the early "Detrixhe" reunions (with some Bartons for good flavor). - Bonnie
 I remember one time me & my sister rode out to the field with grandma & my mom. We got on the tractor with him and rode one round. On the end of the first round he asked if we wanted off and we said no and the Vanessa started crying. all he would say was you're a little late aren't ya? - Carla Watson
 My best memories are the summer in the hayfield baling. He expected a lot and gave a lot. Glad I learned to work - Rita
 I always remember at the last fish fry that Eddie helped prepare that I went up to him to give him a hug and thank him for the nice time, and he hugged me really hard and told me he loved me. That wasn't so strange because one thing I always admired about Eddie was that he wasn't afraid to show his emotions-- sometimes frustration, sometimes anger, but sometimes joy, and always love. - Paula
 There has never been a more serious fisherman or farmer - not necessarily in that order. - Ann Herber
 To my dear, loving, generous husband whose memory I will cherish forever. I thank him for my dear family and for our life together. -- Ima --
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