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Well, as you can see not much has been done in the last few years. No reunions, or website work. Life just flies by.. And the 10 year mark since last reunion is 2013 !
What can I say about the last Ten Years?
HELP family members!!

Ben & Belle's Photo Collection added 5/15/11

Photos of Bill & Delores & family in California added 12/26/03
Detrixhe Reunion 2003 at Foss Lake added 8/01/03
Photos of Frankin & Wahnettas trip to Liege added 11/13/02
Photo of Tressa G's Grave In Cuba added 11/12/02
Plans for Detrixhe 2003 at Foss Lake!! added 11/2/02
Click here for Photos of Detrixhe 2002 in Kansas!!
More Added to the Memories Section!! added 10/30/02
Commentary and Photos from Belgium added 11/22/01
The Detrixhe family from the Netherlands added 11/09/01
Lambert's Roots Discovered ! added 9/29/01
New Photos from Tim Detrixhe added 5/2001
New Photos from Kansas added 5/2001
Short Story from CwD added 5/2001
Letters from Arvid & Lucille added 5/2001
Copy of My First Letter from Belgium added 5/2001
New Photos of 2001 Reunion added 4/2001
Link to Bethlehem Pennsylvania Web Site added 4/2001
New Photos of 2000 Reunion added 3/2001
Newspaper Articles added 3/2001
Update of "Our Story" added 3/2001
Letter From Avis added 3/2001
Link to Mark's Site added 12/2000
Article about Jim Detrixhe added 12/2000
Pictures from Belgium added 12/2000
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