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Greetings to All !



Ben & Jo Ann Detrixhe are planning a get together at Foss Lake next summer on Saturday July 19th , 2003. We thought this date might be better as it will not interfere with those who would like to meet at Higgins in the spring, will be after wheat harvest in June, and a good time for those who have to travel from out of state. In order to avoid a conflict, we have decided to call this Detrixhe Reunion at Foss Lake 2003 instead of Detrixhe 2003.  A map is enclosed showing the general area and some additional information.


We thought Foss Lake would be a great location because it has a lot to offer in the form of recreation. There are camp grounds, RV hookups, several Motels nearby, and we have secured an air conditioned meeting area in Butler for the feast.


We would appreciate your feedback & ask you to please fill out the form and slip it into the addressed envelope. We are trying to get a head count in order to plan ahead as much as we can. This will be a great opportunity for all those who have worked so hard in the years past (at Higgins & Kansas) planning, cooking, cleaning, to visit & have a good time without all the extra duties ! Our plan is to do the cooking ourselves and pass around the hat for expenses!


So if you are a Detrixhe, or just want to hang out with a bunch of folks who have an unusual last name, please respond with a head count ! C.W. will be taking care of the mailing, so please fill out the form included in this mailing, and place it in the envelope provided. If you are unable to attend, please take the time to send back the form anyway, and let us know. We will follow up with another mailing which will include more maps and additional information. Please pass this on to other family members we missed so they can be included in the mailings !!


Thank You and We Look Forward to Seeing You Next Year !







Ben & Jo Ann Detrixhe




Foss Reservoir

Custer County, 13 miles N of Clinton, OK
8,800 acres
Shoreline: 63 miles

Features/Facilities: 1,749 Park Acres • 8,800 Lake Acres • 120 Campsites • Assigned Campground • Hiking & Biking Trails • Equestrian Trail • Swimming Beach • Boating • Water Skiing • Fishing • Playground • Marina (boat rentals) • Restaurant • Paddleboating • Gift Shop

Please Complete Information Where Appropriate:

Name: _________________________________________



Phone & email:__________________________________

Number in Party: _______________________________

Will You Be Needing assistance with Motel Reservations,
Camp Grounds or RV hookup ? ____________________



Tee Shirts Will be Made in Advance for those who order. Price should be in the
$15 - $20 range, depending on size & what Tim can come up with. More details will be available
soon, we just want an estimate on what we need to produce. Please estimate quantity next to the size,
and we will state prices in next mailing. We won’t hold you to the numbers this time!

Small ______________

Med _______________

Large ______________

XL or XXL _________

Area for any special needs or comments: